Indirect Realism Essay

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Indirect Realism- There is objection to direct realism, by studies done on perception and psychological processes realists have distinguished between external objects as the causes and objects of perceiving and closed sensa which is the functions of our brain. The form of this view has been named representative realism. This view as well, has its own defecits, and has also been criticized by philosophers. This view has been modernized to introduce a more acceptable theory on perception. Representative Realism, “seeing a table.” The actions involved in seeing this object both through the brain processes is derived from the sensa and that we are directly aware of our senses, which form together what we know as the shape, size, color and other properties that we visualize. Represent has two doctrines, which make up our perception, which are primary and secondary. Primary would mean that the sensa resemble the object in spatiotemporal properties. Secondary are colors sounds, smells and other sense related properties. Advantages of representative- It is the simplest form, which shows the scientific processes of the brain involved in perceiving with scientific evidence. There are defects in individuals which affect how things are perceived. Representative does not account for secondary qualities, it makes up how we distinguish between the world and material objects, without involving their color, smell, taste, etc. As for illusions, hallucinations, dreams and other images, they too derive from representative realism. They are the result of changes relative to the sense organs. If distance and angle are different things will therefore be perceived different to the individual who is at a different angle or distance. Representative realism is an interaction between the mind and body. Without the two together it is impossible to judge or perceive the
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