Indigo Annual Report

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Understanding Annual Reports Company: Indigo Books & Musics Inc. Financial Highlights The company appears to be performing less favorably than in the prior year. The fiscal year ended on March 30, 2013. Compare to the prior year in 2012’s revenues, net incomes and EPS, 2013’s financial statue is much worse than 2012. The revenue of 52-week period ended March 30, 2013 is about 892.5 millions Canadian dollars, and 2012 is about 934 millions Canadian dollars, which about 41.5 millions dollars less than 2012. Also, the net earning and EPS of 2013 is comparatively lower than 2012;’s. To be specifically, the difference of net earning is about 61,901, and the difference of basic EPS is $3.51 dollars. Due to these data, we can conclude that the company performed less favorably than in the prior year. General Company and Marketing Information These informations are found in the section of General Development of the Business. First of all, the volunteer activities among the employees are the employees’ engagements. The employees take initiative of coming up with their own ideas and innovations to improve company’s operation and customers service. The company has already began to sell the gifts for home and fashion accessories, paper, and toys in addition to the books, which gives more choices and opportunities for customers to consume. These become the main growth of the company’s sales. The innovation of the company is that they created the first creative department store. It is a digital and physical place inspired by and filled with the books, ideas, and beautifully designer products. They also provide consumers with a completely new reading platform with instant accessibility, huge selection, and lower costs by having the digital and mobile channels. These provide consumers with an increasingly meaningful, significant, and life-enriching merchandise.
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