Indigenous Tech Advancements Essay

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Essay 2: A. It is important to understand the technological advancements in hunting, gathering, and farming practices of Indigenous people before with European settlers because it is part of our history. In this essay I will argue that the discovery of these technological advancements is part of our history and that the concept pre-history is short sited and patriarchal. “Receptivity to new ideas and willingness to experiment characterized these Stone Age craftsmen.” (Dickason and Newbigging, page 7). Indigenous people adapted for survival, as things changed they would adapt to it, this led to the technological advancements that Europeans benefited from. Stone technology is a good example of advancements that benefited the European settlers. Stone Age craftsmen were brilliant and adapted their tools for their needs of survival. Not all tribes hunted the same animals so they adapted their tools accordingly. They also used their tools for other survival needs such as cutting, gathering and preparing their food. These hand crafted tools were built with what they had available from the land. “A successful Stone Age technician had to know his material. Many of the construction and sculpture achievements of the pre-contact Americas were once thought impossible with Stone Age technology. For this reason, scientists attributed them to vanished races and even to creatures from outer space. Now, we know that they were within the capabilities of the Stone Age craftsmen.” (Dickason and Newbigging, page 4) Today, there are many people who use knifes, fish, hunt and farm. The technological advancement of indigenous people made our life easier. Farming practices were well established by the Huron. “New World domesticated plants that made the largest contribution to world agriculture were all undisputed American origin, developed by Amerindian farmers. Corn and

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