Indigenous Studies Essay

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Representation refers to how meaning is constructed in our minds through languages (writing, poetry), music (traditional, modern, rap, hip hop etc.), storytelling (spoken words, languages) or visual language (all forms of art, filmmaking and performance). How Indigenous peoples represent themselves or make meaning of their lives and cultures as Indigenous peoples is very different from how the dominant cultures have represented (misrepresented) them as “Aborigines”, “Indians” etc. throughout history. Choose one of the videos from Week 3 and answer the following in 1000 words: How does this video challenge the dominant representation of Indigenous people? Australia has a dense history of racism and offensive misrepresentation of Indigenous people originating during the early period of colonisation. In a modern society there is a common assumption that all Indigenous people are the alike and equally understand each other without any regard to cultural variation, sexual preference, gender and history. While overt racism is not seen as prevalent as it once was, racism still exists in Australian societies through the use of stereotypes. The media plays an active role in the representation (or misrepresentation) and construction of social discourse found among society. The use of these negative stereotypes undermine the accomplishments and knowledge of the Indigenous people.(K . Bullimore) As highlighted in Stephen Oliver clip “Blackfella”, he suggests that the assumptions and negative stereotypes stowed upon Indigenous people by an ignorant society should challenge the ideals instead of creating nation that is tolerant of racism and negative stereotypes.("Blackfella") Since European Invasion in 1788, the continuous perceptions of difference and conflict have created a damaging history and relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in
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