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Remote Indigenous Schooling Bianca Stegert- s414155 CR111- Persuasive Text (Harvard Referencing) Word Count: 900 aprox Mishal Smith Due Teaching Week 6- Semester 1, 2014 Remote Indigenous schooling has been a heavily debated topic of late. What are the effects of small schools without enough funding to properly educate students? Lack of funding in remote Indigenous schools is directly affecting the quality of learning for students. It is difficult for a full time, qualified teacher to be employed so that they can assist in consistent learning so that students can master basic subject areas. The lack of funding also means that students have inadequate access to resource that lessens their chances of learning effectively. It can be argued, that opportunities are available but children and families are not making themselves available to them. Options including boarding school scholarships to external distance education, but having children removed from the community in not conducive to healthy family relationships. Because of minimal funding, it is near impossible for a school to afford a full time, qualified, teaching staff member, this is drastically effecting the quality of students learning. A qualified teacher is instrumental in an effective learning for any student (Holden 2010a, p.12). Not having a consistent educator makes it difficult for students to grasp even basic concepts of numeracy and literacy. The resident assistant teacher from Marpuru Remote Indigenous School in the Northern Territory recently spoke out in an interview with the ABC’s State Line program saying, “…I am just worrying, they (the children) are starving for English, they are starving for maths.”(Miller, 2008.) Not having a consistent teacher is so obviously effecting students learning, without proper and regular education, indigenous children will stay a step behind. Without a

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