Indigenous People Essay

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October 6, 2008 CAPE History Grade 12 Theme: Indigenous Societies Topic: Maya and Taino societies Duration ; 1 hour Goal of lesson: Students will appreciate the demands of CAPE history with respect to written responses to essay questions and be able to analyse their own responses in light of expected answers. Objectives: Students should be able to : -Provide evidence on Taino and maya socities to respond to questions. - Produce a coherent and grammatically well crafted response. -demonstrate the organizational ability to arrange information effectively to produce a written response. -demonstrate the ability to compare and contrast information to respond to a set question. Resources and materials: Students essays- marked and graded. Notes- previously researched and recorded by students . Norman, A. (1986) The People Who Came Bk. 1 Newspaper Article “ Lesson Outline and instructional Sequence Step 1 Teacher will replace questions on whiteboard. Questions 1. Examine the differences in the social and political structure in the pre-columbian period of the Maya amd Taino. 15 marks 2. For the Maya and Taino, explain the similarities and differences between their agricultural practices beforetheir contact with the Europeans. 15 marks. Step 2 Class generated model answers for each question. With reference to the literature available on the topic. 30 -40 minutes Step 3 Students will receive their marked assignment. They will then compare their responses to the mode answers generated 10 minutes Culminating activity: Students will express thoughts , feelings on exercise. 10 minutes Notes for Model responses: Question 1 Political organization Lived in independent city-states. Had a rigid class system. Each class had its own duties and rights down to clothing and accessories. Each city state had
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