Indigenous Domestic Violence Essay

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Executive summary Over recent decades, the topic of Indigenous family violence has featured widely in the media, Government initiatives and publications, as well as the focus of numerous studies and papers. However, despite the intense public interest, the true extent of family violence experienced within Indigenous communities remains largely undiscovered. This paper analysed the available literature on the prevalence of family violence in Indigenous communities, in particular, some of the theories put forward to explain the underlying causes of the excessive family violence suffered by Indigenous people. Additionally, available statistics on the rates of family violence are presented, demonstrating the escalation in the reporting of these cases. Both the accessible reports and statistics indicate that the documented cases of family violence have indeed increased in recent years, and continue to rise. In spite of this information, the reason for the continued growth is indeterminable at this stage. The research into causal factors underlying Indigenous violence is also scant, however there does appear to be a correlation between the violent incidents and modern additions to Indigenous communities such as alcohol and substance abuse. Research question Domestic and family violence in Indigenous communities has been extensively researched, yet so much is still unknown in relation to the causes and the true prevalence of this issue. For the entirety of this report, the term ‘Family Violence’ will be used instead of ‘Domestic Violence’. Indigenous peoples’ generally prefer this term as family violence encompasses not only violence committed between intimate partners, but also referring to assault by other family members, rape, incest, child abuse, suicide or homicide. ‘Family’ includes the entire community (Mow 1992, as cited in Aboriginal and Torres Strait
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