Indigenous Australians Essay

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Changing Rights and Freedoms Indigenous Australians The Mabo decision was important in gaining rights for Indigenous Australians and for paving the way for later decisions and actions that affected Aboriginal people. This case focused on Aboriginal land rights and was equally significant for Indigenous people, landholders and government. In 1871 the Board for the Protection of Aborigines developed controls over where Aboriginal people could live and work, what they could do and who they could meet or marry. They removed Aboriginal children from their families, starting the process that created the Stolen Generation. In 1886 Aboriginal people of mixed descent were removed from stations and reserves as part of the ‘Half-Castle Act’ and were forced to assimilate (integrate or bled) into white society. Doing this separated communities and families. These actions stemmed from the Aboriginal Protection Act 1869, which sought to control Indigenous Australians under the appearance of protection. The 1967 referendum was the foundation for change for Aboriginal people in Australia. The second question in the referendum was to determine if two references, that discriminated against Aboriginal people in the Australian Constitution should be removed. The referendum saw the highest YES vote ever recorded in a Federal referendum, with 90.77 per cent voting for change. Students from Sydney University formed a group called the Student Action for Aboriginals. They went on a freedom ride throughout country towns in NSW Australia. They protested at pools, parks and pubs, which indigenous people were not allowed to enter, to raise awareness of indigenous rights. Charles Perkins was one of the main people involved in the Freedom ride, which was a bus tour travelling country NSW to raise awareness of Indigenous rights and the discrimination against Aboriginal people. Its
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