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Indigenous people and their health With problems rising in Indigenous health, it is becoming essential to understand how poor health condition is developing in Indigenous population within a well present country. The aim of this essay is to understand and discuss right health services for the Indigenous people especially for indigenous youth suffer from mental and depression problem. This essay consists of four sections. Firstly we discuss the impact of colonization and the influence of government policies on health issues of Indigenous people. Secondly we focus on Aboriginal youth mental depression problem and how colonization and policies implicated this. Thirdly we discuss programs that addressing this issue. Finally we will discuss how western medical model framework differs with Indigenous ways seeing health and factors relating to their health. Colonization starts in 1788 when James cook reached in Sydney. This intrusion disrupted the traditional lifestyle of the Indigenous people. It has been identified that after the European settlement the Indigenous people’s health has a sudden decline and the health problems continues. The most devastating communicable infection diseases include influenza, venereal disease, tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough and smallpox were been introduced. The Indigenous people have not developed any natural immunity to these introduced diseases. With the spreading of disease the mobility and mortality rate increases. Indigenous people had no access to any health services then. It is not until 1911 the medical examination policy was first introduced to them, but as a favor of European to appease the fears of catching the infection. Throughout the historical period Indigenous population was seen as slave or low class people. Racism and prejudice affects the relationship between Indigenous people and westerner. It is

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