Indie Rock. Why I Like It. Essay

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Music has been know for years. Word, instruments, and melody are combined in beautiful ways to create music. Music, for some people, is a media to express their feelings, experience, and even love. Music can be divided into many genres. One of them is indie rock and that is the genre I like, if not love, the most. There are some reasons why I listen to indie rock more often than any other kind of music. First, Indie rock is extremely different from others, especially from mainstream music. Indie rock offers diverse, new, and interesting music for the one who get tired of listening to the same thing over and over again. It gets kind of boring to listen to the radio all the time because you hear the same old stuff. Indie rock is not a hard rock like Metallica or Led Zeppelin, but Indie rock is easy to be heard. It is influenced by experimental or unpopular music styles. Those can be found in many indie songs. The most instrument that is used in Indie rock is guitar. Every indie rock bands are not only unique but also have different styles of music. If I can try to see a pattern or a similarity in all the Indie bands I like, is because they remind me of the world around us, in this very age too, in a positive way. When you find an indie artist, you know there's nothing fake. They're doing what they love. It makes the music itself much more personal. Second, Indie rock offers interesting music. When one is bored with songs which are played in TV or radio, Indie rock songs are the best to be enjoyed., because every songs have their own

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