Indians in the Southeast Essay

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ANTH 311 Think piece 1. Mehdi Chaib 09/25/14 Native Americans-Indians have long been portrayed as being primitive populations who have no real understanding of civilization. Even today, they are associated with a gigantic number of stereotypes that are far away from what reality really is. These assumptions are with no doubt made by us, westerners who think within a delimited box, and who see from a single angle. What is true in fact, is that the earth had been populated by various civilizations, nations and tribes that had their own way of living, and that in order to have a clear understanding of these ways, we have to interact closely with them. In other words, you can’t understand where the water in the river comes from if you don’t track it up to its source. In this case, how can we track back the history of Indians knowing that they were primarily an oral society? To answer this question, we have first to try to understand what’s true from what is not. One of the methods to do that is to use common sense and logic as a first filter. Indian stories contain a non-negligible number of legends. For example, Chiefly elites were believed to be descendants of the sun. Common sense and science state that the sun is planet that lightens its own solar system. Therefore, it can’t give birth to human beings, nor can it get any close to them. Another example is the Lucky Hunter and the Corn Woman who were believed to be the first human beings. Lucky Hunter was believed to luckily kill abundant prey without him putting much effort on that. Deer was simply jumping and crushing down because of Lucky Hunter. The Corn Woman was also believed to be an abundant source of corn. Common sense states that no human being can have such superpowers. In fact, legends are simply exaggerated stories of a true real simple and logical one. One way to study Indian History is through

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