Indians And Aboriginal Peoples In Canad A Brief Summary

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GNED 105 FIRST NATIONS: Indians & Aboriginal Peoples in Canada A Long History of Culture • Native peoples lived in North America since the end of the great Ice Ages about 11,000 years ago • There are various theories based on archaeology which try to explain where they first came from. Native peoples say they were always here, from the beginning of Time (Creation). Folklore • Folklore is the collected stories, tales, myths of the Native people • Every tribe (aka First Nation) has a Creation Myth about how the World began, and where all living things come from. Natives believe in God, whom they call ‘The Great Spirit’. Nature • Native people are very religious, as their customs & rituals show • They love Nature…show more content…
Society • Their social structure showed that men and women were equal • Women had authority over domestic matters (sometimes even relations with other tribes including war) • Men were protectors, hunters, workers, fathers Inuit family group • Gender roles were based on traditional division of labour, so that the strong ones did appropriate work and service for the family AND the tribe/band or village • There was a sense of community so every man, woman, & child knew their place, knew their job, knew what was expected of them. Crime was almost non-existent. Share… • Old people, the needy or sick, were all supported and respected for their contribution over a lifetime • Many tribes, such as the Ojibwa (Ojibway/Chippewa) in eastern Canada, would share resources such as tools, and hunting or growing land • There was no private property or ownership in the way Europeans saw it • Tribes did have their own territory and settlements, of course, going back many

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