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The movie “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee” starts with the Sioux victory over general Custer at Little Big Horn Ohiyesa, witch means “winner”, was a young boy from the Sioux tribe. After the battle of Little Big Horn, Ohiyesa’s father made him go to school, where it turned out he was a natural, but because he didn’t wanted to change his name, he wasn’t allowed to speak to the teachers. He didn’t change his name until one of the teachers tricked him to choose a name, he chose Charles Eastman. Charles grew up to be a doctor, and became the perfect example of successful assimilation. He started working with senator Henry Dawes, and their main idea was to make the Indians adapt and assimilate the new American society and make them farmers so their life would be better. Later he moved to the reservation where the Sioux lived, and met Elaine Goodale whom he met earlier and became pen pals with, and they started working together. When Charles discovered the how bad the reservation situation was, he changed his mind about assimilate all the Indians, and didn’t want any part of the plan with Henry. Instead he married Elaine, and continued working as a doctor for the Indians. After a while, Charles and Elaine had money problems and Charles had no other option than working for Henry again. His assignment was to give each of the Indians a new name, and so he tried. At least until he came to the conclusion to stop, and do what he wanted to when he was a boy and sent away to school. He tried to find his way

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