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Movie Review Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: The Raiders of the Lost Ark movie review Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was a movie worth watching. I was skeptical of watching an action fiction movie especially one that was based on ancient mysteries but this movie gave a different impression. The movie is about the much revered and talked about the ancient ark of covenant last documented in the Jewish holy book; the Old Testament. Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford, teaches archeology at a US college and is contacted by American military intelligence officers to try locating the lost Ark which was being sought also by the Nazis. The link to getting the Ark is a piece of retrieved ancient Peruvian golden idol that Jones had got only to be taken by force by his rival archeologist; Belloq. He also gets a medallion in Nepal from an ex-girlfriend (Marion) that helps identify where the Ark is located. The movie then takes a whole new turn filled with action, drama and mystical power as Jones struggles to outdo the combined efforts of the Nazis and Belloq in trying to reach the Ark first with only Marion as his helper. The movie ends in an anticlimax with Jones having bagged the Ark but is taken up by the American intelligence and hidden away from the public as well from any researcher. Though the movie is well scripted and efficiently executed, there are few glaring errors that a keen movie watcher can pick out. The most glaring logical error is the scene in the movie where the lead character; Indiana Jones operates in a faulty submerging submarine. The logic is lost in this scene since the movie depicts Jones of staying in the vessel for more than two hundred miles. It is practically impossible in real life and seriously damages the plot of the movie of being as real as possible. It makes the movie look an obvious fiction work hence kill off

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