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In my participant observation project I chose to observe my friend Sharmine’s wedding events. This is particularly interesting to me because she is Indian and in her culture there are many celebrations leading up to the wedding and I got the chance to be a part of two events. Part of anthropology is about discovering things that are unnatural or unfamiliar to us. This was a new experience for me and I discovered many things about Sharmine’s culture in just two days worth of investigation. The first celebration was located at Sharmine’s home on March 17th, 2012 at seven o’clock. Sharmine is a very beautiful woman. She has had many relationships before, and was even in a ten year long relationship before she met her husband, Shawn. She is not your typical Indian woman. She considers herself to be American, but knows and respects where she comes from. She can speak English without any trace of an accent, but can also speak her native tongue fluently. Her husband to be is also Hindu, and both of their families are from India. In Indian culture wedding are a huge celebration lasting seven days long. Sharmine is getting married to her husband on May 17th, 2012 but because she is so busy with work and life she decided to spread out the traditional celebrations throughout the months upon her wedding. She also decided to do this so far from her wedding because realistically everyone would not be able to take off work for a full week, especially for a wedding. This is not typically done, but she embraces her culture as both American and Indian. The first event is called Sargi and Sharmine held this on March 17th. The Sargi event is when the sisters and female relatives of the groom visit Sharmine in her own home and decorate it for her. They have her sit on a chair especially made for this occasion, and gift her with things such as makeup and perfume. They also take

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