Indian Removal Act Dbq Analysis

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In 1830 the Jackson administration passed the the "Indian Removal act" to move the Indians from Georgia out to the east. This act was to protect Georgia from issues that included the Indians. After the Indians moved, was it the same treaty was when they stayed or a whole new one all together? There were the constitutional, political and practical reasons. The Indians held a strong treaty with the American government that gave the Indians those lands. Treaties with other's are protected and upheld by the constitution. Breaking a treaty with his Indian nation may cause other countries to not take out treaties as serious. Though it it necessary to remove the Indians in order to keep and maintain control in Georgia, it is also wrong to uproot…show more content…
President Jackson said "I have long viewed treaties with the Indians an absurdity not to be reconciled to the principles of our government. the Indians are the subjects of the united States, inhabiting it's territory and acknowledging its sovereignty, then it is not absurd for the sovereign to negotiate by treaty with the subject...(doc H)" This shows that Jackson does not quite see the Indians as American citizen, but more of subject to America and that America may do as they need to to maintain peace. Chief John Marshall says this " From the commencement of our government, congress had passed acts ti regulate trade and intercourse with the Indians; which treat them as nations, respect their rights, and manifest a firm purpose to afford that protection which treaties stipulate.(doc P)." This shows that John Marshall is against the Indians removal because we have passed trade acts with them and we should treat them with respect as a independent nation. President Jackson also says "If a collision was to take place between them and the Georgians, the arm of the government is not sufficiently strong to preserve them from destruction" which means that Jackson will send militia if he needs to to remove the Indians
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