Indian Point: America's Most Plaugued Powerplant. Essay

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Indian Point Energy Center: Incompetent Infrastructure, Incompetent Security. Indian Point Power Plant is located on the east bank of the Hudson River in Buchanan, NY. The power plant consists of three-units, Indian Point (IP) 1, IP 2, and IP 3. The risk zone around the plant has a 50mile radius, in which 20 million people reside within. This risk area includes New York City, only 38 miles from Indian Point. The estimated economic impact, researched by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), is estimated up to 1.5 billion dollars for the U.S. economy. The Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) has called Indian Point “The nation’s worst nuclear power plant,” as well as, “The most plagued power plant.” Indian Point’s bad reputation came from its serious lack of management, a poor infrastructure, and a weak security team. Starting with earlier years of Indian Point, the plant was opened up in 1963, the first reactor I.P 1 was completed. Even though security and infrastructural failures were present, these years could be considered the safest times of Indian Point’s existence. The first major failure came ten years after I.P 1 was constructed. The incident took place on November 1973, a 300 degree steam leak broke the “heat proof” steel liner of a containment vessel at IP 1 (reactor 1). A year later the same unit was forced to completely shutdown when regulators found that the plant never equipped an emergency cooling system, surprisingly, after their incident relating to temperature control. Four years later Indian Point had another mishap when a transformer, on-site, exploded, causing major blackouts. These blackouts were followed with no warnings to the public, which resulted in some local residents fleeing for their lives and the town became outraged with the lack of information. Three years after the blackout, Con Edison, which owned Indian Point (which was held

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