Indian Movies Essay

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A. If you work in Bollywood, you can become rich and famous. Top actors always have a job and the pay is very good. Technical staff and film crew workers also really want to work in Bollywood. Bollywood has its special awards, just like the “Oscars” in Hollywood. The award night is so important that even India’s president is there. B. Dancing is also very important. When males and females dance together, they are often surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. This scenery emphasises the romantic feelings. Typical themes of Indian movies are love and separation, anger and jealousy, and so on. The Bollywood audiences expect to be entertained by songs, dances, love triangles, comedy, kidnappers, and action for at least three hours. Today, Bollywood is becoming more modern. Before, kissing on film was forbidden. Now, kissing is allowed. The themes of Indian movies are not always family trouble and arranged marriages anymore. But one thing never changes: a Bollywood film always has a happy ending. C. All Bollywood movies do not make money anymore. This is because many people watch Satellite TV instead of going to the movies. On the other hand, Bollywood films are becoming more and more popular outside of India and Pakistan because many Asians move to Western countries. Also, Western directors are now inspired by Bollywood. Bollywood filmmakers and Western filmmakers have worked together. D. Indian movies are different from American movies. Most Bollywood films are musicals. There is usually much more action in Indian musicals than in American musicals. The songs and the music in Bollywood films are very important. There are often songs instead of ordinary dialogue. Since very few Indian actors have lovely singing voices, the actors usually only pretend that they are singing. Professional playback singers sing the songs. The playback singers can actually
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