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Critique of American Society December 18, 2014 Indian Mascot Controversy Why does controversy exist with such little things in the United States today? Saying “Merry Christmas” upsets those who don’t celebrate Christmas, however saying “happy holidays” hurts those who do celebrate the holiday. Little feuds like this cause controversy all over the United States. Another issue, and maybe a little bit more serious matter, has been argued about for years across America. This issue is the use of Indian mascots for sports teams. Schools and sports teams across America take pride in which they represent when their players are stepping onto the field. Representing tribes of the past and current is something that should be proudly recognized, and therefore should not be an issue when teams use them as their mascot. These mascots are something that has been in the team’s history for years, why abruptly change it now? Over the past few years, Native American tribes and even those not of that decent, have spoken out and claimed these mascots to be a racist slur towards the tribes. This controversy has spiraled all over the United States, causing some schools to change their mascot for the first time since they were established. Should teams really have to change their mascots? This change could be something challenging to do in today’s world, where sporting events are such a key aspect of everyone’s life. One key thing to realize is these mascots were not intended to discriminate against anyone, they were meant to represent strong leaders and promote unity and pride. C. Richard King and Charles Fruehling Springwood describe how college mascots must be changed in their book, “Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy”. This change is simply due to the fact that some of the public has a negative view on this issue. The authors begin to focus on the Syracuse

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