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Here is a step by step instruction to use a laptop as WIFI Router and access Internet through it on any other WIFI enabled deivce in ad-hoc mode : 1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Network Connections. Right click the wireless connection (it should be called “Wireless Network Connection”) and select properties. 2. On the window that will show up, click on the Wireless Networks tab. Make sure that no wireless networks are being listed under "Preferred Networks". If you see networks there, remove them one by one. 3. Click on Advanced button.Select “Computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) networks only” and click on Close. 4. Now click on Add. It is thru this window that we will create our wireless network. You will need to fill out the following: * Network Name (SSID): This will be the name of your network. This is how your computers will call your network. * Network Authentication: Open. * Data encryption: WEP. * Uncheck the “The key is provided for me automatically” box. * Configure your network key. This is a password that will be used to encrypt data transferred on your network, preventing neighbors from surfing the web for free and also preventing people to view or even delete your files, if file sharing is enabled on your network. You must fill this field. The key must have five alphanumerical characters. 5. After clicking Ok, you will see your network listed under Preferred Networks. Your network will still be listed with a red “x”, this is absolutely normal. 6. Now you need to share your Internet connection. Pay attention because this is done on network card that has your broadband Internet connected, not on your wireless network card. Go to Network Connections (Start, Control Panel), right click the network card where your broadband Internet is connected to and then choose Properties. On the window that will show up, click on Advanced

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