Indian Education Essay

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INDIAN EDUCATION DEBORA WIEST IVY TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE ABSTRACT Indian Education is a narrative about the hard life that one Indian boy endured while growing up. Being a minority living on an Indian Reservation, made him make decisions that would change his life for the better. This is a story of emotional and physical trauma from early childhood on. Living on mainly government assistance for every basic need caused this young man to take his abusive ordeal and turn his life into something very powerful. INDIAN EDUCATION “Indian Education” is a biography written by Sherman Alexie. It is a story about his life growing up on an Indian Reservation. He tells of the trials he endured being Indian and living on the Reservation. He was teased and bullied as a young boy in school. He realized that his educational opportunities were limited if he stayed in the school on the Reservation. He did something rare, he choose to get an education off the Reservation in a high school in a nearby town. The story of his life is divided up in short vignettes from each of his years in school. They each describe a brief memory that leaves a lasting impression on him. Being born an Indian and having been raised on an Indian Reservation was a horrible ordeal for Sherman Alexie. Taunted and tormented throughout most of his school years made him a fighter. Not only did the other children torment him, he was also picked on by a teacher as well. Education was limited to Sherman on what he could learn at the Reservation school. Sherman decided to attend a high school off of the reservation. This opened up many opportunities for young Sherman. In his ninth grade year Sherman was on the basketball team. This is something he never would have done back on the reservation. Being on the team gave him a sense of
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