Indian Camp- Struggles of Life and Experience Affecting One’s Thinking by Ernest Hemingway.

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The short story depicts about a boy named Nick Adams following his father to an American Indian Camp to witness the process of an American Indian lady delivering a baby and the death of the Indian husband. Throughout the story, Hemingway has described the struggles faced by the Indian Woman and her husband and also how a father (Doctor Adams) trying to expose his son towards reality. In my opinion, each character plays an important role and each portrays some relevance to the theme of the story. Starting from the Indian woman, I think she is the character that suffers and endures the most pain and challenge. She has been in labor for two days. She has been struggling to deliver the baby. In the story Doctor Adams says she is using all her muscles to deliver the baby. She has been constantly screaming. The pain is so great until four men are needed to hold her still while she delivers the baby. She even bit Uncle George, Nick’s uncle in the process. This had relevance to the theme which is suffering. A woman like the Indian lady endures physical and mental suffering which no men can understand. In addition, it also highlights the greatness of a mother. Besides the Indian woman, I think the husband also endure a lot of suffering. He suffered because he could not get out from the house. According to Hemingway, his foot was badly injured by an axe three days ago. He has been listening to his wife’s screaming for two days. When the doctor says “……her screams are not important……” , the husband rolled over against the wall, which might be indicating he is annoyed and feeling helpless that he could not get away. He is also physically and mentally suffering which he could not withstand it and lead to his suicide. I think that the act of committing suicide is foolish because he did not think far enough. He did not think that once the baby is burned, his wife would stop

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