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Indian camp Someday we all become adults and we all gets through an evolvement where we change and become more mature. Some experience a lot before they feel adult and some evolves slowly. The only fact is that one day we all end up being an adult. In some religions or community there are some “rite of passage” but in the modern society there are none, but if you experience problems or choking things this could also make you a step further of becoming an adult. Ernst Hemingway’s Indian Camp is a perfect example of that. Indian Camp (1921) is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway, who was an American journalist and writer. He mostly wrote novels and short stories and he was famous for his special way of writing and made him to one of the most influence writher in the 20 centuries, witch also resulted in a Nobel Prize in 1954.The narrator is not an omniscient narrator and the story is told from Nick’s point of view because the written language and the perspective is a childish, especially the conversations between Nick and his father. It’s clear Nick is the principle character, because the story is from his perspective but Nick’s father and uncle George is key figures. The physical settings in the short story are told almost without any adjectives or any special details. The surroundings are the Indian camp witch is placed in a wood near some hills (page 1. line 15). The Indian camp has bunks and shanties (page 1, line 5). The woman in labour is placed in a bunk under a quilt (page 1, line 26), and the bunk she lays in smells very badly (page 1, line 28). One of the reasons why the physical settings are described without any subjective inputs is because the surroundings are not impotent or essential. However the psychology settings are more pertinent. When Nick, his father and uncle George is on their way over the Indian camp, Nick and his father is together in

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