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Indian Camp Opening: In this analyzing of the story “Indian Camp”, would I start to give a short summary and tell something about the author. After that, I will go into depth with the story by analyzing and interpretation. At last, I will try to perspective the story with other stories, there has the same characteristics. Summary: The story starts with Nick, his father and Uncle George is board on a rowboat, because Nick’s father and Uncle George should over to a very sick Indian lady. When they arrive, lay the lady in the lower bunk, under a quilt. After much trouble, get Uncle George and three other men, helped the lady give her birth - she gets a boy. Later the Indian man toke his own life, because he couldn’t stand things. The story ends with Nick and his father goes and talks about many men and women are killing themselves. Author: The story is written by the narrator Ernest Hemingway, who is an American author. He has published seven novels, six short story collections, and two non-fiction works during his lifetime. Many of his works are classics of American literature. Characters: Nick: He seems to be a boy who listens much after his father. He is very interested in the things there going around him, and he often asks his father about some things he wants answers. Nick’s father: From the things he does, one could imagine that he is a doctor or something like that. He tells Nick everything he does, and he explains it in details. He wants Nick to understand everything he does. Uncle George: He seems to be a very funny man, but still is smart and clever. When they leave the boat, he gave both the Indians cigars. And he came with some funny expressions in the story. Like when the Indian woman bites him in his arm, he scream “Damn squaw bitch!”. But he still seems to be smart, because he can help the Indian women to give birth.

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