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Indian Business in Japan Essay

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  • on January 11, 2013
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Indian Business In Japan
General Country Information
Geography. India, officially called the Republic of India is located in southern Asia. India is ranked as the seventh largest country in the world, with 1,269,219 square miles of land area. The country consists of the northern and north-eastern Himalayan Range, the western Thar Desert, and the remainder of the northern, central and eastern province is fertile Indo-Gangetic Plain. In the southern area lies the triangular peninsular Deccan Plateau (New World Encyclopedia, n.d.). Neighboring India is Pakistan, China, Nepal, and Burma (An Introduction to India, n.d.).
Because India stretches 2,000 miles from its northernmost tip to its southernmost tip, the climate varies greatly on the location and time of year. India experiences monsoon seasons on the west coast between June and September and again between October and December on the east coast. The rainfall is not torrential; more of an intermittent daily downpour. They experience spring and autumn throughout the rest of the year (An Introduction to India, n.d.).
Economy. Historically, India has followed a “quasi-socialist approach, with strict government control over private sector participation, foreign trade, and foreign direct investment” (New World Encyclopedia, n.d.). Over the past twenty years, however, the government has reduced control on foreign trade and investments, allowing the market to open through economic reforms.
India’s labor force has reached 509.3 million. The majority of the work force is employed in agriculture and agriculture-related industries. Crops include rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, and potatoes. The lengthy list of industries contains automobiles, cement, electronics, machinery, mining, pharmaceuticals and textiles (New World Encyclopedia, n.d.).
With a gross domestic product, GDP, growth rate at 9.2 percent, India is one of the fastest growing economies. Wealth is unevenly distributed in the...

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