India’s Stand On Kashmir Issue Essay

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With the very inception of Pakistan, Kashmir is a disputed issue among Pakistan and India. Both claims for this valley but this is still now is disputed issue. Kashmir was described in the past as a paradise on earth. The paradise is today, tragically, bleeding. "Its saffron flowers spurt blood instead of fragrance." Kashmir valley has suffered repeated aggressions-in 1947, 1965, and again in 1971. Unfortunately, after two decades, war clouds appear to be gathering on the horizon again. The destinies of India and Pakistan are inextricably linked. Their people have the same historical background and a cultural affinity whose roots go back centuries. It is necessary, therefore, that the situation be defused and the conflict resolved Statement of the problem: The research work deals with the analysis of India’s stand on Kashmir issue. Jammu and Kashmir is an international problem on which the U.N Security Council and U.C.C.I.P for India and Pakistan constituted by the Security Council has passed numerous resolutions. In this work, I will give a reader short introduction of Kashmir and annexation with india.i specifically highlight the role of India and analyze it under agreements and their role in U.N. I also highlighted the disputes between India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue and tried to justify with the help of Indian point of view. My research question is that Why Pakistan not understands that maharaja himself announced the annexation of Kashmir with India? By 15 August 1947, more than 500 of these princely states had acceded either to India or to Pakistan. The ruler of the state of Jammu and Kashmir prevaricated, and, pending a final decision, concluded a standstill agreement with Pakistan. The agreement was to ensure continuity of administrative arrangements in respect of communications, post and telegraphs, central excise, and so on. It was essentially

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