India-Emerging World Power Essay

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Globalisation and Global Citizenship Term 1 India- An Emerging World Power Sukanya Raghuvanshi Submitted in partial fulfillment of MBA,luxury brand marketing, GCU,London Index Page 1.Introduction 3-4 2. Main body 5-9 3.Conclusion 10-11 4.List of references 12-13 Introduction Today, mankind thrives in an interconnected, closely linked globalised environment. There is massive give and take of worldviews,opinions and cultures. This interdependence and symbiotic existence is possible due to the phenomenon of ‘Globalisation’ In literal terms “world power” is defined as a country in possession of abundant economic and political strength in order to have an impact and influence events in other countries.(Cambridge,2014) In correlation to the world before the breakdown of USSR(cold war), we now reside in a world which is constantly growing and evolving, and the developing economies now hold the power to challenge dominance of superpowers. India has emerged as a political global power which has created a political fervour amongst European nations and also USA.To strengthen its international standing with multilateral organisation such as WTO, india is pursuing globalisation as an effective tool to harness this relationship to develop into a cordial agreement. India had been recognised as one of the worlds largest economy long time ago due to the active influence of globalisation
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