India And Islamic Essay

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India, the Islamic Heartlands, and Africa 1800-1945 Global Prospective(The Challenge of Modernity India Islam and Africa) Africa and islamic society of themiddle east and elsewhere The middle east AFrica Iran Central Asia India and Southeast Asia was considered the Third world of developing nations (a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.) Vitality of so many of the cultures and traditions that bore the brunt of the western onsaulght has been striking Exceedingly rich in natural resources and possessing gold silver, nitrates, and oil the region has been plagued with extreme poverty (latin america most of the west) over a century and a half the political life in latin america has been characterized by uncertain democracy authoritarian regimes and a general tendency toward instability 3 major explanations have been set forth to account for these difficulties. after the wars of independence the new states of latin america remained economically and culturally dependent on europe and later the united states. Dependency Theory: Contends that after the sattes of latin america achieved independence in the early-mid-nineteenth century they remained economically and culturally dependent on europe and later the united states Iberian heritage. its advocates contend that latin america should be viewed as a region on the periphery of the western world int he same manner that spain portugal and italy lie not he mediterranean periphery of europe. Conscious political economic and cultural decisions that latin america creole elite took after independence. Contends that the elite including the army officers who won the wars sough tot enrich themselves and to maintain their positions at the cost of all other segments of the population who in many of these countries differed ethnically and

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