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EMERGING MARKET Name: Christopher Richsan Johanes ID: DHUCIP11F061 Essay#3 First of all, when i see there is an emerging market lesson in CIP this semester i decide to take it because i do feel that emerging market is very interesting and important subject that is very necessary to take. So after i take it i feel that this course is very helping me to undertand about emerging country in the world. I can understand about the definition of emerging market itself. Beside, i've already have a motivation before join CIP to study more about the topic of “Emerging Market”. So, its a good opportunity for me to learn about that. Secondly, i would like to tell you about the general knowledge of India. India is a country that already have 5000 years of old civilization which is the second oldest in the world after Egypt. India's area is consist about 3,29 million sq km with the population over 1,21 billion in 2012. India have 29 states and divided into 5 union territory. The capital city of India is New Delhi with several major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, and Pune. There are 2 major ethnic group in India, which is Indo-Aryan and Dravidian. India is using Hindi as a national language. The most religion in India is Hindu and Muslim. In my opinion India is a big country with also big potential. After that, i will explain about the fact about India. India is a democratic country because the government works for the people and not for the government, and people have full right to oppose or change any decision made by the rulers. India is a planned economy country where all aspects of the economy are controlled by state. With over 300 million middle class people India's rate growth is about 8.3% and estimated to become 600 million by 2030. With the 400 labor force India is such a big power in world economy, the most of

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