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India’s Global Industry: Tea India is a huge country in East Asia that is full of natural resources, labor sources, and is becoming more and more developed/industrialized. India has many important factors that affect its global trading, such as its climate, balance of trade, political stability and growth, and its culture. All of these factors are important concerning India’s industries and our own (U.S.) industries. India has its own unique climate and culture; both are heavily influenced by India’s geographical location. India is so big that it is in four different climate zones; Alpine, Subtropical, arid, and Tropical. Still India has a unified seasonal change: winter, summer, Advancing monsoon, and Retreating monsoon. India also has such a huge land mass that even with areas that have desert characteristics, there are still many areas with soil able to grow immense amounts of crops, such as teas and spices, more than any country in the world. India’s culture ties into its immense crop production because 83% of the people are Hindus and most often only eat vegetables so animals are not a necessity for food production. The fact that the population is overwhelmingly Hindu also tells you the structure of the families and government, which is ideal to know when doing business with an Indian company. India reported a trade deficit equivalent to 11082 Million U.S. dollars in July of 2011. India is leading exporter of gems and jewelry, textiles, engineering goods, chemicals, leather manufactures and services. India is poor in oil resources and is currently heavily dependent on coal and foreign oil imports for its energy needs. Other imported products are: machinery, gems, fertilizers and chemicals. Main trading partners are European Union, The United States, China and UAE. India’s trade deficit is definitely negatively affecting the balance of trade and would

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