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Index Theory and Human Development Essay

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  • on January 19, 2013
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INDEX THEORY and Human Development

  1. Introduction:

In order to understand the Human personality, there is only one way, to see the person and this process is covered under phenomena as according to Hegel “Phenomenon' is a word which refers to appearances. It's a Greek word used by Plato to distinguish mere temporal appearances from the eternal Naumena of the Ideal Realm. The student of philosophy should recall Plato's parable of the shadows in the cave, where appearances were taken for realities. Phenomena are appearances. Where is the reality? In Hegel's view, probably unique in Western Philosophy, we can only know Reality when we have completely mastered the appearances, since the appearances (phenomena) partially hide and partially reveal Reality (naumena, Geist) in a peculiar manner”. (Hegel, Phenomenology of Mind).

It can easily be ascertained with the above brief description that every essence in this cosmology can only be apparent in the very right perspective of its   ‘reference’ and this reference always keep a physical, geometrical, noticeable and perceptible being with the help of which we can jump over the inference regarding the essence. In fact the apparent medium does not provide the complete reality that is required to understand the essence, even then this partial reality is more than enough to assure ample justification regarding   corresponding essence.

2.0 The Medium and Manner:

Every physical object (Living Object) is a permanent Medium, which keeps intrinsic and extrinsic nature. The extrinsic nature is the shape, color, texture, height and other related traits that provide completeness to a Medium and indispensable for the physical completion of it as unless they are bound and enveloped together the Medium would be in a state of Paradox.

We gain knowledge of any such Medium with the help of our senses, as these senses are the only source to acquire knowledge. The knowledge through senses is “A Priori” and this A priori...

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