Index and Forcasting Essay

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McKesson Specialty Health This organization aims to empower community patient care through a delivery system that advances the science, technology and promote quality of care. This is done through innovative clinical, research, business and operational solutions, facilitated by their integrated technology systems. The group purchasing organization known as the Onmark GPO has created a new market for the dialysis market. These new markets provide access to a portfolio of competitive drug prices and all supplies needed for dialysis centers. Lynx mobile is the inventory management system used to automatically refill supplies. The process is done by comparing existing inventory and review the scheduled patient regimen; this will give a picture of the current inventory levels and supplies needed for the upcoming days. Lynx mobile for inventory management provides improvement in cash flows through their just-in-time ordering: this promotes a reduction in the amount of money that is usually tied up in supplies and drugs. Management of inventory across multiple sites will be done in order to provide a reduction in costs and ensure accuracy within the dialysis clinics. As with all business there are advantages and disadvantages with the use of specific methods for inventory tracking. The advantage of a computerized inventory system provides speed and efficiency, having the document in place on a computer provides access to all managers and team to place an order or check what needs to be filled. The disadvantage of a manual count is only as accurate as the hand count and the last time it was updated, the computerized system records every transaction, (advantages& disadvantages of a computer inventory management system, 2012). The issue that may arise when depending on a computerized system is that is doen not ensure accuracy, the inventory data is only as

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