Independent Film Essay

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Independent film is a professional film resulting in a feature film that is produced mostly or completely outside of the major film studio system. Through the 1930’s and 1940’s the independent system of production was sometimes called the package unit system coexisted with the studio system, as it continues to do with a much different set of studios. The package –unit system, was controlled by a producer unaffiliated with a studio, such as Samuel Goldwyn, David Selznick, and Walt Disney and other producers. Based outside the studio, but heavily dependent on them for human and technical resources, the packages-unit system governs the creation, distribution, and exhibition of a movie. The independent producer does what a movie has always done, for example they choose the right stories, directors, and actors to produce quality films. Depending on the many factors the producer may choose to be involved in creative responsibilities, ranging from developing the property, revising the screenplay, and assembling the key members of the production team, supervising the actual production including the editing and marking and distribution of the finished product. Consider the career of Sam Spiegel he was one of the successful independent producers who have paved the way for such producers, like John Huston, “The African Queen”, David Lean, “Lawrence of Arabia” and Elias Kazan, “The Last Tycoon” inspired by the life of his fellow producer Irving Thalberg who said, “Since I control the money, I control the process”. Although that attitude may seem arrogant, it makes excellent business sense to a producer responsible for films like Spiegel which were characterized by High cost, high artistic caliber, and high profits. While American cinema in the 1970s was dominated by auteurs and films that put on display the particular artistic signatures of celebrity movie directors, the

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