Independence Of Oladaue Essay

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| Equiano and His Freedom | History 101 | | | 9/22/2011 | How did was Liberty compared to Equiano? Was he better off a slave or was he better off after slavery? -239 | One of America’s worst periods in history was slavery, which occurred more than once, and even though it was abolished it still left scars in America’s history timeline. One of the famous people whom were enslaved was Olaudah Equiano, who persevered through his troubled times and made it into the history hall of fame. One of his amazing works The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, explain all the troubled turmoil in his life until his release. He then lived a prosperous life and became a writer. Slavery started out from Western Africa in the fourteen hundreds after trading became prominent between Europe, Africa and the Americas. This started with the Portuguese bringing Africans as slaves to their Atlantic islands and Portugal (Equiano, 8). Most of the Africans were brought into slavery for sugar plantations and other farming needs. Equiano was captured by mercenaries at the age of eleven along with his sister while his parents were working in the fields (Equiano, 8). Most of the slaves were actually criminals or war prisoners which made slavery nothing new to Equiano since the village of Igbo did not have a central government there was not much protection for the people. Equiano was a boy whom was used to work, according to him; he always was working from village to village for a goldsmith. Most females sold their items such as perfumes clothes baskets etcetera, they were not main targets for slavery. What in fact was found out about Equiano was that he was American, South Carolina America to be exact, and that he was younger than everyone perceived him to be. Freedom was the “Slaves Dream” for many reasons including that they would lead a better

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