Indentify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities Essay

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Marketing & Promoting Business 1. What is the market that I want to reach? Ans. Sports goods, Our company’s name is a name in which you can trust. We have modern vision and professional approach. All we offer is quality and service at the price and time convenient to our costumers. Through sheer determination and hard work we have attained a perfect combination of quality materials, superior craftsmanship and extremely affordable cost. We give our customers a decisive edge in product variety, pricing and bottom line profitability. We can produce any samples as required by our valued customers. Our on time delivery of bulk orders is an added advantage. Biggest problem: Similar products from the other’s company. Needs: To sell different sports needs. drinks and sports tablets/ Vitamins to enhance their activites. Accessories: Shoes, Uniforms, Gloves & Mitts, Bags & Shields, Training Gears, Gym Equipments, Matts, Accessories, Energy Drinks. Top quality Soccer balls, Complete range of Boxing Martial Arts Equipments, Martial Arts Uniforms, bikers uniforms & all other kinds of sports Accessories. 2. Who are my competitors? Ans: Nike, Adidas, Puma,Reebok. Those company is known enough to customer as they are into the market for many years. 3. Is there enough room to grow up in this market? Ans: Yes, because we agree to the customer’s feedback and additional products and not contradict the community’s demand. In the future, by additional of fitness trainers / consultants or have coopration with other company, We are planning to provide gym/place to do exercise. We can make our services better than the others. 4&5. What is the size of the market? What is my products or services USP? Ans: We can say the market is big because we provide many types of products & services, and we also
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