Indefinite Remedy Essay

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Indefinite Remedy By Tracy B. Villanueva Smoking is the prevalent cause of preventable death in the world. According to World Health Organization, the most important concern is no other than health itself. They said that tobacco intake kills 10 Filipinos every hour due to lung cancer, stroke, and heart diseases brought by cigarette smoking. Moreover, Dr. Philip Chua, a contributor at Cebu Daily News, said that at least 250 Filipinos die everyday or about 90, 000 every year caused by smoking-related illnesses, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and lung diseases. The World Health Organization said that among the Filipino teenagers aged 13 to 15 years, three out of ten use tobaccos. Global Youth Tobacco Survey also said that about 30 percent of teenagers in the Philippines’ urban locations use tobaccos. Further, the group continuously warns that second-hand and even third-hand smokers are those who cause hundreds of thousands of deaths to non-smokers. Millions die of diseases that are caused by smoke they indirectly acquire from the smokers around them. People are frequently uncovered and exposed to this kind of occurrence. For example, after someone smokes, the residue left in the area most of the time sticks to clothes and furniture. Thus, not only those who smoke first hand develop smoking-related diseases. There are bystanders who are unaware that they are already being forced to inhale smokes from the firsthand smokers, hence, risking their health. Thus, secondhand smoke is even more detrimental. According to Inquirer Global Nation, “We are losing the war against smoking,” stated Maricar Limpin, the executive director of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines said. “The prevalence of smoking among the Filipinos is still increasing despite the warnings that are put in public,” Ms. Kyle Cassey Navarro, a third year

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