Ind Aff: Love or Lust Essay

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“IND AFF”: Love or Lust “IND AFF” is a short story by Fay Weldon that addresses the reasoning of a young woman that fell in and out of love with her college classical history professor, Peter. Peter is married and has three children of his own and also is over twenty years older than the unnamed narrator. She is still attracted to Peter and describes him to be in the beginning of the story “six foot two and grizzled and muscled with it, in a dark-eyed, intelligent, broad-jawed kind of way” (174). “IND AFF” takes place in Saravejo, Bosnia, the location of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination. The setting of the story is what leads to the unnamed author’s epiphany. She comes to her realization through atmosphere and historical contexts. The plot of “IND AFF” explains the entire meaning of this short story. Weldon, the author starts off the story by describing “IND AFF” as a sad story (172). Weldon uses her setting to pursue her theme of her short story, “IND AFF”. Without the setting her theme would be ceased to exist. The theme of “IND AFF” is of another chance to make peace with what is right and the consideration of consequences, but can also be read as cause and effect. Weldon uses the time period, place of being, and weather for her overall setting that creates the mood of her story. The story starts off where Peter and the unnamed narrator are in Sarajevo where it rains often. Weldon described Sarajevo to be a gloomy place where Princip was assassinated. Weldon writes, "This is a sad story. It has to be. It rained in Sarajevo, and we had expected fine weather” (172). This gives her readers the visual of a depressed and cold town, but then Weldon also writes “Sarajevo is a pretty town, Balkan style, mountain-rimmed. A broad, swift, shallow river runs through its center, carrying the mountain snow away, arched by many bridges” (172). These descriptions

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