Increasing Team Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance Essay

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Increasing Team Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance Bill Parker LDR 531 February 25, 2013 Rovella Phillips Increasing Team Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance Teamwork is an integral part of today’s work environment. At the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) a team is developed with the goal of reducing sick leave use inside a one-year timeline. The plan designed by the team includes the following: • Team makeup, • Team goals, • Challenges and benefits, • Motivational factors, and • Performance and Satisfaction The team will develop a plan that reduces sick leave abuse, allows staff to take ownership of their performance, and increase the productivity of the CDCR. This plan will be developed through negotiated compromises that allow stakeholders to be a part of the solution. The use of both early and contemporary motivational theory will be prevalent in the teams plan to accomplish the stated goal. Team Makeup The cross-functional team for developed to solve this problem at CDCR is composed of the following: One team leader (the Warden) and eight team members; the Associate Warden of Business Services, the Labor Relations representative, the Employee Relations Specialist, the senior mid-level manager, and the job stewards of the four largest unions. Because this is a complex issue that deals with many areas the use of a cross-functional team is the best fit (Yukl, 2010). This team has a good mix of cultures, backgrounds, and job responsibilities allowing all sides to participate in reaching the goal. The process of building this team must include a wide variety of stakeholders to maximize its potential for success. Individual attitudes, values, and personality all play significant roles in either improving or harming an organization’s effectiveness.

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