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The national minimum wage is the least amount of money that all the workers get per hour. Nowadays, the minimum wage is 7.25 nationwide and depends on each state. America got about three and a half million Americans currently work for minimum wage and sixty four percent of workers are women. The US federal government federal just assumed that the minimum wage will be proposed to $10.10. Therefore, some people are really happy but some people think that it is a negative issue. However the minimum wage should not be increased because it causes less jobs for employers, cost produce keep raising and narrow the way to help less educated workers get rid of poverty. The minimum wage should not be increased because it causes fewer jobs for employers.…show more content…
A new report released on October 24 said that a proposal pending in Congress to raise the minimum wage would increase retail food prices for American consumers by at most 10n cents a day. Therefore, it causes more people be starving because of expensive food and their lives quality are going to be lower because of expensive stuff. So then, the rate of poverty is going to be increasing every single day. It does not stop here, increasing minimum wage is also limitary the ways to help less educated workers get rid of…show more content…
As the result, if the minimum wage increased, the companies will lay off some of employments because they are not being able to pay for all of the workers. In the New York state minimum wage map statistical, “One 2012 study examined what happened after the minimum wage gradually increased in New York State between 2004 and 2007. The authors (economists at San Diego State Univ. and Cornell Univ.) found "robust evidence that raising the New York minimum ... significantly reduced employment rates of less-skilled, less-educated New Yorkers."Therefore, the companies will always fire that are fewer skills and educated. It directly causes people who are less educated do not have any choice to get rid of their hard lives. However, some people argue that increasing minimum wage is a good thing to do because

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