Inconvenient Truth Essay

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ES 200 – Air : Assignment 1 Name: Jitendra Gothwal Roll No. O8D01004 An Inconvenient Truth In the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” former Vice President of America “Al Gore” has shown effects of Global Warming over the past 50 years. He has done a great work in showing the world the effects of Global Warming. According to this documentary, the industrialization over the past few decades has given rise to increase in greenhouse gases, greenhouse gases are those gases which traps the heat coming from the sun to keep the earth warm. In the past 5 decades there is a tremendous increase in these greenhouse gases and the source of these gases are industries. In this documentary a clear explanation of the causes and consequences are given. This documentary unveils many things which a common human being is unaware of. Al Gore has related the rise in CO2 content with the temperature variation. He has explained the yearly rise and fall of CO2 content in the documentary. He explained that this rise and fall is because the earth has more vegetation in northern hemisphere than southern hemisphere, so when sun faces towards northern hemisphere there is increase in CO2 content which leads to increase in temperature of earth’s atmosphere hence it is proved that more the content of CO2 more will be the temperature of atmosphere. He has shown the effects of Global Warming by showing the pictures of some famous landmarks and Glaciers like Mount Kilimanjaro (1930 & 2000), Grinnell Glacier(1910 & 1998),Boulder Glacier(1932 & 1988), Columbia Glacier ( 1980 to 1999), GlacierAX010, Nepal(1978 & 2004), Adamello-Mandron Glacier, Italy etc. The years in the bracket shows the year of picture taken of these places. The results were eye-opening; the two glaciers of the America are now national parks and most of

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