Inconvenient Truth Essay

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An Inconvenient Truth In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore presents an eye-opening view of the future planet and civilization. He persuasively argues why we need to act now to save the earth. He discusses how global warming is a real and danger today. In Al Gore’s speech he uses different effective presentational techniques, in order to get his point across. He uses numerous visuals to keep the audience engaged in the speech. He refers to the slide show to show what is happening to this world. He not only uses pictures and diagrams, but he also used comical video clips. He shows pictures from before and now to illustrate how much damage really has occurred across the world. Mr. Gore did not use index cards or a pre-written paper. He spoke from memory, and used his slideshow as reference points. He annunciated every word, and kept a great posture. He was serious, but also was comical to keep the audience focused and intrigued. He also made eye contact with everyone, and used hand gestures. He does not stay in one spot; he paces back and forth as if he is speaking to each and every person individually. He points out different aspects of each visual and then returns back to the audience. Al Gore talks about past experiences. He tells us about his trips to Antarctica, and North and South Poles, and tells us what he did in order to learn about this world and why the temperatures are increasing. He uses many different examples of animals and places to show why global warming is real and it is happening now. He discusses many different catastrophes including: ice caps melting, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, permafrost, and fires. He asked hypothetical questions that got the audience thinking about what are we doing in order to prevent these calamities. “We have to make sure that the warnings are heard and responded to.” Al Gore has given this slideshow presentation

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