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Summary: - An Inconvenient Truth Global warming is an important issue that can be seen worldwide. It is affecting all of the earth, slowly destroying this place we call home. Al Gore has made a documentary on this topic, a documentary meant to persuade us that something must be done about it now. The longer we wait, the worse it gets, and “An inconvenient truth” speaks about what can be done about it. As stated in “An inconvenient truth”, if nothing is done about this in the next ten years, our civilization and many of the world’s vast inhabitants will cease to exist. The documentary is based on a speech he has been developing for six years, and is supported by dramatic visuals. He shows the famous photograph "Earthrise," taken from space by the first American astronauts. Then he shows a series of later space photographs, clearly indicating that glaciers and lakes are shrinking, snows are melting, shorelines are retreating. He provides the audience with accurate statistics, proving that the last 14 years have been the most devastating years for earth. The hurricanes in South America, the typhoons in Japan, hurricane Katrina, these were all effects of global warming. Another problem we are facing is the fact that 57% of the population of the world remain in denial, trying to make them selves believe that the world is in no danger. Al Gore speaks about this ignorance and shows how this contributes to global warming. One of the most efficient solutions to this problem would be to change our energy sources from fossil fuels to more natural sources that produce less emission such as tidal wind solar and nuclear energy. According to the movie another solution that may help this problem would be to switch from our fuel consuming cars to hybrid which would run solely on electricity. Of course this electricity would have to be derived from the natural sources

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