The Incompatibility Of Druidism With Christianity

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As we all know, Druidism is a religion of ancient Celtic inhabitants that was dominant in the British Isles from the 2nd century BC until the 2nd century AD. Although under the attacks from the Romans in the 1st century the religion still managed to survive in the areas that were not invaded. But it is only when the establishment of Christianity in Britain in the 4th century that Druidism disappeared. There must have been a severe conflict between these two religions that led to the disappearance of Druidism. It lied in the distinctive characteristics of Druidism. The characteristics that made Druidism incompatible with Christian Church are that Druidism was a polytheistic, mystical and allegedly barbaric religion. The most conspicuous characteristic of Druidism that made it distinctive from Christianity is that Druidism was a polytheistic religion. That is, while the Christians believed in one mighty god the Druids believed in many gods. The Druids believed in many gods, each representing a different aspect of life. In Druidism, there were a lot of gods, spirits, sprites and fairies – anywhere from a dozen to thousands of spiritual entities, each of them separate, each of them with their own sphere of influence, with their own character and powers. The Christians believed in one almighty god who oversees the whole world. God knows all and sees all, then he knows what you want ahead of time; everything is happened for God’s will. To the Druids, this is against their ingrained convictions: no one god can control the whole world. This leads to the consequence that caused the extinction of Druidism. At first the Romans considered both Druidism and Christianity the threats to their power; therefore they put a lot of oppression over the followers of these two religions to the point of execution. Unlike Druidism, Christian belief was centered to one figure; therefore
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