Income Inequality Essay

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Income inequality is an ongoing discussion and battle amongst the United States. However, it is not the problem with our economy. Money has been extensively put towards education to raise test scores, but it has not. Edward Conard says the baby boom, more women in the work force, and immigration have created an enormous increase in supply and labor and are the reason employment grew instead of wages. Increasing employment helps get the poorest people to the next ring. It is not impossible because the supply of growth is unrestricted right now. Income inequality doesn’t hurt the middle and upper class because it brings us all more together. If you look from 1980, as Conard said, the United States employment has increased over 50 percent. That is twice as fast as Germany and France. These are unheard of numbers. The reason America has such a higher increase than other countries, in my opinion, is because we do have the opportunity to grow and progress. The problem with lower class is not that they are paid too little for the hours they work; it’s having them work at all. This is why raising minimum wage rates is not a solution. Research shows that countries that face more inequality, experience more growth. We have the chance to climb, no one is “stuck” but you do have to try. Income inequality exists but it is not the reason to destroy the “American Dream.” Other countries have benefited tremendously from our success. The United States has the same upward mobility as a lot of developed countries. This proves that income inequality amongst our society is not to be looked at as the big picture with our

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