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The NFL has been very busy the past few weeks with the Incognito-Martin hype. Talk about the scandal has swept over the league, making players from the Dolphins and other teams wonder who Richie Incognito really is. The whole problem started in April of 2013 when Incognito sent a raging voicemail telling another Dolphins player, Jonathan Martin, “I’m going to slap your f***in mouth” “I’m going to slap your real mother across the face” and “I’ll kill you”. The Miami Dolphins suspended Incognito, a nine-year veteran, on Sunday for “conduct detrimental to the team”. Martin also left the team last week after a lunchroom incident and his return is questionable. This offense is known as “rookie hazing”. In Martin’s tenth week of training, Incognito started the threats. Martin missed two organized team activities this past spring, which added to the evidence that he was unhappy and struggling. But this has not been the first incident Richie Incognito has encountered. Dating back all the way to the spring of 2003, Incognito has been involved with nine different situations. You’re probably wondering why Incognito hasn’t been dealt with after his second or third offense, as am I. Jason Whitlock writes “… a tatted-up, N-word-tossing white goon is more respected and accepted than a soft-spoken, highly intelligent black Stanford graduate.” The bizarre thing is what Incognito’s teammates had to say about the situation. Every teammate showed their overwhelming support and love for the veteran, yet no love for Martin. “Martin walked out on the team before a big game due to a lunchroom prank. “ ,“Martin is thin-skinned and cannot handle the rugged and macho NFL culture.”, “Martin betrayed a veteran leader who was showing tough love.”, “Martin was a turncoat who caused a media firestorm and full-scale investigation of the team at an important part of its season.” Players made

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