Inclusive Classrooms Essay

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Inclusive Classroom Dear Desperate Mom, Inclusive classrooms are becoming more popular now than ever before. In fact most public schools are adopting this classroom environment practice. Inclusive classrooms are developed and designed for schools, classrooms, different programs and many activities so that all students can learn and participate together. I find it wonderful that you are considering adding your child to such a diverse environment as this. Although it will be a big change for your child and yourself, it will give your child many benefits as well as your child adding a beneficial role in the class for other children and teachers. In my opinion as well as the opinion of many education experts such as Diane Lea Ryndak and her colleagues who wrote an article called, Defining School Inclusion for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities. “Inclusive classrooms are best for everyone, this type of atmosphere add to a schools culture, respect and belonging.”(Ryndak) I am a firm believer that inclusive education provides opportunities to learn about and accept individual differences, lessening the impact of harassment and bullying, while preparing our children for different accouters and all walks of life when they become productive citizens. You can find more about Ryndak and her colleague’s article at You may ask yourself if it’s really important to add your son to an inclusive classroom setting, I can’t explain to you enough of how important this can be for him. It is important because we live in a diverse world that is developing diverse communities and communities start for young children when they began school. This is their own community in which they build with their peers as well as teachers. While in an inclusive class your son can benefit and develop a positive

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