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The documentary follows Samuel Habib, the son of photojournalist Dan Habib, along with four other individuals with disabilities. Habib captures the true difficult efforts of including Samuel in their ‘normal’ day-to-day lives. Every individual is at different walks of life in the documentary; I think that the film does an excellent job at portraying the difficult struggles each individual with disabilities face. “Including Samuel” is a very heartwarming film; I caught myself tearing up throughout the entire documentary. This film changes the way I viewed inclusion and people with disabilities. To be honest, before watching this film I viewed people with disabilities all the same and almost incapable of performing daily task. I’ve learned every person with a disability is completely different from the next person with a disability. This film has opened my eyes to all the different types of disabilities and the struggles those individuals face. Every person in this documentary was perfectly capable of performing daily task on their own. This was one of the main reasons why I was tearing up so much; the individuals displayed in the film may have a type of disability, but they are living ‘normal’ lives. Inclusion is important to me now because no matter who you are - the desire to be a meaningful part of society is inherit in all of us. We all want to feel, included. We all need to feel like we are included. Why take inclusion away from someone just because they have a disability? “People really did not have high expectations for students with disabilities.” Keith Jones. His story impacted me the most. It was interesting to hear about the lack of inclusion Keith Jones faced when he was in school in the 1970’s. In his words he was “stashed away” from the rest of the school. Keith and students like him were never challenged as a child. He asked, “How do they expect

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