Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

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There are books about the past that allow people to realize the horrible times there have been in the United States. For example, slave narratives. Linda Brent’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is a true slave narrative because in her novel, she talks about the hardships during slavery and rebellious experiences of several slaves. Olney states that a slave narrative must include examples of hardships people came across during slavery (Olney 1). In her novel, Brent states that many slaves, including herself, would have preferred to die then to keep living through slavery. “Forgive me for what, mother? For not letting him treat me like a dog? No! I will never humble myself to him. I have worked for him for nothing all my life, and I am repaid with stripes and imprisonment. Here I will stay till I die, or till he sells me.” (Brent 464). If it’s true, that may be why slaves would attempt to run away to the North to be free. But not all of them made it to freedom and ended up punished by their masters. Benjamin, Brent’s brother’s failed attempt to escape to the North is a good example. “Before reaching that port Benjamin managed to get off his chains and throw them overboard. He escaped from his vessel, but was pursued, captured, and carried back to his master.” (Brent 463). By trying to escape a horrible hardship in his life, which was slavery, he only managed to get himself into more trouble, causing even more hardships. Rebellious experiences are also something Olney says slave narratives must include and Brent does. Brent speaks about a personal rebellious experience against her master, Dr. Flint. “Revenge, and calculations of interest, were added to flattered vanity and sincere gratitude for kindness. I knew nothing would enrage Dr. Flint so much as to know that I favored another; and it was something to triumph over my tyrant even in
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