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Incentive plan Kevin O’Leary Diane August 5/5/2012 The job I chose was cashier, the roll of a cashier will include assisting customers, performing all functions on the cash register, as well as properly bagging groceries and filling in at the customer service desk when needed. Since the cashier is usually the first and last person you see when entering and leaving the store the impression that a customer gets coming in and out of a store is based in part on the experience that they have with a cashier, for example if someone had some difficulty finding items in the store they might be a little agitated when they go to check out an a friendly cashier could turn that frustration around with a good attitude and have the customer leaving the store happy. The first incentive plan that I picked was a merit based system. Once a year I would use the cashiers performance rating for the past year to determine what if any pay raises should be awarded. Raises would be based on criteria like are the customers’ needs being taking care of?, delivering consistent quality service, the proper handling of money, proper sales of alcohol and tobacco, maintaining a safe work environment. I would review these areas of interest with the employee a few times a year to better ensure that the cashier is performing up to the company’s standards. I would also offer a monthly performance bonus, taking into account the cleanliness of the work area and station, are proper money handling procedures being followed; going beyond the normal duties of a cashier, attendance and punctuality will be factors in the monthly bonus. The top monthly bonus earner will also be named employee of the month. From my own experiences as a cashier and a manager of cashiers has shown me that more money is usually a good motivator with recognition rewards coming in second. I usually have had

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