Inca Beliefs

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The Inca were polytheists which means they believed in many different gods. One of their main gods was Viracocha, who was believed to be the creator of the Inca. Another god, Inti, was the Sun God. In relation to Inti's god name, the Inca were called the "Children of the Sun." They also believed silver was the tears of the moon, and gold was believed to be the sweat of the sun. The Inca felt they had a very good relationship with the gods. Stone fortresses were erected on high mountain tops or sacred areas to prove the great dedication that the Inca felt to their gods. Priests and priestesses were thought to be able to do the bidding of the gods, so they were highly honored and often part of the royal family. Priestesses were expected to perform the hair combing…show more content…
The Inca men had to choose a wife before they reached the age, of 20. Otherwise, a wife was chosen for them. The women could either be betrothed to the man at an early age, or a man would ask for their hand in marriage. All brides had to be bought with a dowry. The elders or peers of the couple would judge if the trade of cattle and valuables was fair. Women never got the right to choose the man they would marry. Her parents simply gave her up without a backward glance in most cases, if the price was right. During the wedding, the bride and groom would join hands, exchange sandals, and a feast would be held afterward. When the couple moved in together, the surrounding people helped the couple to build a house and till their land until they could support themselves. One of the similarities between the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas is that they all worshipped many gods. For example they all worship the sun and nature. On the other hand, there were differences and their religious structure. The Aztecs fed their gods with human blood, the Mayas believed in the after life, and the Incas believed that their ruler was a direct descendant of

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